Card Theme: Fulfillment
Element: Water

A man sits on a small wooden bench, his arms are crossed, and he looks pleased with himself. Nine cups encircle him. There is intense positive energy around him.

The Nine of Cups is often known as the wish card. This card tells you that you can have what you want. It can symbolize great joy and happiness when all your dreams can come true. It’s the card of contentment and satisfaction that comes from that. This is a good luck card, luck is on your side, and the outlook is good. Under the energy of the Nine of Cups, you will find yourself being able to achieve anything. Of course, all things should be done in moderation, but you can feel safe knowing that you can push the boat out and expect a positive response.

When you get the Nine of Cups in a reading, you can ask yourself, what do I genuinely want?. Because the card’s answer is that you can receive it. And you do deserve to be happy.

When this card appears, it is a very positive sign. But on the flips side, it warns you to be aware of negative feelings that can come when you wish for something. You may find yourself being able to get what you desire. Still, suppose you become complacent and find yourself taking things for granted. In that case, you will have missed the positive and spiritual aspects of this card.

Remember, sometimes, when all your wishes come true, there is a responsibility that follows. If you find your dreams are shallow, so in turn, your life will be.

The Nine of Cups advises you to think carefully and to be clear about yourself. You may find yourself feeling extravagant or have an urge to treat and indulge yourself.

The Nine of Cup advises you to think clearly and be clear about what you want in the future areas of your life. If you have vague dreams, then your future will reflect this. The clearer your vision, the more likely you will be able to create it.

It’s now an excellent time to look back on what you have achieved in the past and take pride. The foundations that you have built are solid. You are prepared for the future.

With this card, it is sometimes said that you should be careful what you wish for as it might come true. So now is the time to appreciate the joy of the present.

Now is the time to make planes and dare to dream, as it’s likely that your dreams and desires will come true.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Over Indulgence

The Nine of Cups’ in a blocked meaning suggests almost the same as the upright, meaning it’s hard to say anything negative in the blocked position. But you might have let your desires rule you, or perhaps you have been over-indulging in some way. Maybe you have been striving for something you thought that you needed. As a result, you may be feeling empty or unfulfilled. You might find yourself doubting your good fortune, believing that you don’t deserve it. You need to change this attitude.