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Seven of Wands

Card Theme: Courage
Element: Fire

The Seven of Wands shows a man standing precariously near the edge of a cliff. He seems to be defending his position with determination. If you notice, he is wearing different shoes on each foot, implying imbalance.

The Seven of Wands suggests assertion, confidence, and the belief you should have in yourself. This inner strength will carry you over whatever hurdles you need to face. And will see you through all kinds of trouble you may previously have felt were impossible.

It represents strength and defiance. It’s like a call to stand up for yourself and believe in what is right. This is not a wishy-washy card!. It is the card of a fighter. That is within all of us, fighting for what we want all the time while still keeping our integrity intact.

Many times in life, you might feel the need to hide in the shadows. Sometimes it seems more natural to lower your head and let life pass you by.

Ignore all your all troubles, and then look up and see if it’s safe to come out from hiding—a bit like a tortoise that keeps going back inside its shell.

But life is about so much. The saying “life is for the living” is so true. No one wants to look back on life and see all the fun they have missed out on.

You may find yourself raring to go with a new project or venture but feel apprehensive about the extent of the commitment you might need to make. The Seven of Wands tells you that if you don’t try, how will you ever know. Again that saying “you have to be in it to win it” comes true for me.

You may have a sense of wanting to throw caution to the wind, which is fine, as long as you plan your strategy carefully.

If you find yourself struggling to stay on top of things, now is the perfect time to rethink your situation and find that strength to continue moving forward.

There is an excellent determination around you at this recent time. Nothing will seem to faze you as long as you keep a positive mindset and stay focused.

If you feel that some disagreements are brewing, you may feel the need to voice your concerns, but remember, some battles are worth fighting for, while others can cause you more trouble. It’s crucial to be honest about your motives regarding conflict issues before you take any action. Listen to your intuition.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Discouraged

Receiving the Seven of Wands in the blocked position suggests that you may have been lacking in courage. Have you been feeling powerless or felt vulnerable recently?. If you have the Seven of Wands, this may result from you not taking bold steps when necessary, which could have left you feeling small and unimportant. In reality, you are capable of doing so much more than you believe. It’s time for you to have faith in yourself and start to tackle those problematic situations head-on rather than hiding away, hoping they will pass.