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Knights of Pentacles

Card Theme: Methodical
Element: Earth

You can see a knight sitting on his Plough horse. He is holding a single Pentacle in his hand. He is in a barren field. The Knight seems to be weighing up his options before he makes his next move.

The Knight of Pentacles is known as one of life’s plodders. This card lacks a sense of movement, and there is no excitement in this card. The Knight makes every decision based on careful logic. He considers everything before he takes any action. He can be like a dog with a bone once he gets an idea into his head that he will not let up.

He often takes so long weighing up the pros and cons before deciding that the chance usually passes by without him.

The Knight of Pentacles has a serious nature and often acts like someone much older than he is.

There is no room for spontaneity in his life. When this card appears, it shows that there is a sense of boredom in your life.

You are coming to a turning point and will have the opportunity to leave your present situation. If you are open to moving forward, the time is now right. This card talks about being a perfectionist, that part of your character never satisfied with yourself or others around you. You might feel that the judgment of yourself often leaves you feeling as if you not good enough.

It would help if you were not so hard on yourself, as it is not fun for people to be around and a nightmare for you to always have to be perfect.

This card represents someone who might be overwhelmed with financial worries. If you find yourself lacking funds, rewards will come your way through hard work. this card predicts that you can achieve success through your sheer determination and perseverance

. Be careful not to become inflexible or become a perfectionist. This will remove all the fun out of life for you.

the Knight of pentacles advises you not to become too narrow-minded when you are focusing on your goals

You may feel like you are carrying a lot of responsibility at the moment.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme:

When you receive the Knight of pentacles in a reading, it can suggest that you may be behaving inflexibly. Maybe you are unwilling to hear other people’s views

and judged people because they do not measure up to your high standards. Now might be a good time for your to ease up a little bit.