The Major Arcana

The Chariot

Card Theme: Direction
Element: Water

We see a warrior in armor who is riding in a Stone Chariot. At the foot of his Chariot are two sphinx’s – one black and one white. The Sphinxes are not tied to his Chariot, signifying that the soldier has the free will to go wherever he chooses. He is holding the reins.

The Chariot represents the courage and determination to succeed in all the battles he might face in life. This card implies that victory is at hand. And with ambition and determination, you will be able to steer your fate towards your goals.

Imagine you are driving the Chariot. The reins are in your hands. You are the one in charge?. Where do you want to go?. Even if there are a few potholes or difficult situations on your journey, you will find the right roads to reach where you want to go.

You can overcome anything with the right mindset.

Only you are in the driver’s seat, so put on your armor and take control.

There are times when it seems right to go with the flow, and there are times when the best approach is to compromise. Yet, there are times when what you truly need is grit and determination.

It’s important to remember that many of the struggles you face are internal ones.

Interpret this card as having a permit to go out and battle with the world. It’s suggesting that you have the opportunity to overcome conflicts and challenges. You have the choice to face these challenges head-on like a warrior or hiding away from them.

The Chariot can sometimes represent physical changes such as a new career opportunity or moving house or travel. Even if it may not seem to be the smoothest transition, but it will be the right move for you.

There is an apprehension of impending change happening around you. You may somehow feel that you have no choice in this matter, but the Chariot is all about choices and decisions. You need to control a situation and not let yourself get swept away doing things that do not feel right.

You have the power, and you do not have to do anything you don’t want to do.

The Chariot reminds you of your own strong will, self-discipline, and your determined spirit. So trust your intuition.

Once you can connect with your inner self, you will realize that whatever path you choose to take will be within your reach. You may feel totally out of your comfort zone but welcome it. The results will be worth it.

Take more control of situations and approach any disagreements or disputes. You need to be clear and self-assured about what you want and then have the courage and self-belief to fight for it.

But remember to distinguish between your inner and outer fights. You must pick your battles.

Affirmation: “I know where i want to go and am in control of my destiny.”


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Domineering

When the Chariot appears in the blocked position, it can show a person spiraling out of control. There may be some arrogance and self-indulgence. When this card appears, it seems you might shy away from problems, be that from nervousness, Or maybe you’re uncertain of how to approach things. Because of this, you may have missed opportunities to put a problem behind you.

It can show poor leadership or recklessness.