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Three of Cups

Card Theme: Celebration
Element: Water

We see three women dressed in beautifully colored robes that flow as they dance. They are barefoot and holding cups up in a celebration. Flowers and fruit are lying at their feet, representing abundance.

The Three of Cups is seen as the card of community and celebration.

Friendships will reach a new level for you, and you will feel encouraged and supported. It’s time for you to acknowledge how lucky you are to have such people in your life.

You might be thinking of joining a group. If you have any misgivings or fears, do not worry; this card suggests that friendships and connections will be made. You may find yourself needing to reach out and connect more with others? This card tells you to trust that feeling and celebrating friendship is a necessary part of your life, even if it doesn’t seem relative to you.

The Three of Cups is a card of unity and good news. If you are waiting for news, it is likely to manifest now, and you will find that this news is in your best interest.

You may find yourself entering a social phase, and try not to think of reasons not to attend any social functions, as there is lots of fun to be had.

If you feel that you have undergone more than your fair share of lows in the past, now is the time to enjoy yourself and let your hair down and have fun. You have come through a difficult patch, and you deserve the happiness that this card brings.

So with the Three of Cups, it’s time to celebrate. It suggests parties and reunions,anaveriserys, great nights out with old friends where you will possibly make new ones.

As threes are the numbers of creation, this reveals a creative time. So it’s time to focus on new ideas and share them with friends and maybe prospective employers. Whatever you do right now will be fun for you and will be favorably received by others.

As well as making friends new and old, it’s now time to let your talent shine.


Blocked Meaning

Card Theme: Withdrawn

Three of Cups in the blocked position suggest that you might have suffered from a lack of social contact. Have you been cutting yourself off from people? Have you felt some emotional dishonesty by someone you trusted?

Maybe you’re just not feeling that creative at the moment and are finding it hard to stay focused.